Getting Through the Winter Doldrums

It is safe to say most of us hit a winter slump. We wake up when it is dark, go to work/school and when most of us get out it is dark again. This can cause apathy, laziness, and an overall sense of lethargy. It is very easy to fall into this trap of the winter doldrums, let your New Years resolutions go by the wayside, and just wait for Spring to get things done. So what can you do to get out of your funk and accomplish your goals? One suggestion would be to pick one day a week and do something different from your normal routine. Perhaps you take longer lunch break at work and go out to eat, or maybe you treat yourself to a small gift. Anything you can do to help break routine will help to reduce the monotony associated with the winter doldrums. Another suggestion would be to fully commit to doing one task in a week. Maybe it is as simple as reading an entire book or perhaps learning to cook something new. Setting goals will help to motivate you and accomplishing them will do so even more. How do you motivate yourself during the winter doldrums? Comment below and let us know.hibernation


2 thoughts on “Getting Through the Winter Doldrums

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