Wednesday Wonders: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Since last week’s post of an inspirational video got such good feedback, we have decided to continue with that theme this week. The video below is a Ted Talk by Simon Sinek on how great leaders inspire action. Ted Talks are a great way to become inspired and they are dubbed as “ideas worth spreading.” The simple notion of this talk is that people do not buy what you do but rather why you do it. Simon speaks to it from a business perspective but it is certainly a concept that can be used in everyday life by everyday people. Essentially this video is saying that if you just do what you do and that is how you market yourself, you will not inspire action and will simply be a part of the crowd. Instead if you yourself understand why you do something and explain that to others, well then that becomes a much more powerful concept. Enjoy the video and we welcome any feedback in the comments section below.


How Great Leaders Inspire Action


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