Push Yourself Everyday

Each day we wake up and we are faced with decisions.  The decision to get out of bed and go on with the day. That choice is easy, we have to get out of bed.  What we do with our day is our ultimate choice.  We can choose to go through on cruise control or by pushing the boundaries of our abilities.  Cruise control is the everyday norm, going to work or class and doing the requirements to get through the day.  Sometimes we grab naps to nap, just because we have extra time to sleep away.  What if we used all that nap or lazy time to do something productive?

Take 5 minutes of your day and do something productive with it.  Only 5 minutes at the start, that’s all you need to get the spark.  Spark your imagination, spark your drive, spark that desire achieve success.  Use your time to fuel your drive.  If you push your self everyday, people will notice.  Your boss will notice, your friends will notice.  People love to be around those who work hard.  Why hang around with those that do just enough to get by or who simply have no drive? The initial push is the challenge, once the speed picks up, it’s contagious.  Now be smart about it.  Pace yourself and make sure that you take care of yourself.  Don’t over do it, there is a distinct difference between pushing yourself and exhausting yourself.

If you can lay your head down at night and say “today was a good day” or “I got a lot done today”, then you have pushed yourself.  Don’t settle for the minimum requirement.


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